Liberty Terrace - 62 and older 

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The Martin Group of Companies offers experience and expertise in the development, investment, and management of many property types.   Our success is reflected in our high-quality and attractive projects throughout the Midwest.  We have an experienced team that promotes thinking outside the box in order to provide first rate service using the highest quality of ethics. Our development, investment, and management portfolio includes over 12,500 unites of residential, Condo Associations, and HOA Association; as well as over 600,000 square fee of medical facilities, surgery centers, oncology and hematology facilities, dialysis facilities, office buildings, retail centers, and industrial facilities.   Below you will find select properties that are in our investment or management portfolio. 


Buena Vista Medical Building

Horizon Homes - 55 and older

Schoolview Heights Apartments

sheridan, Indiana

North point Medical Center 

Sheridan Mall

The promenade of Evansville

Henderson Medical 

Evansville, Indiana

Henderson, Kentucky

Petersburg, Indiana


Professional Boulevard Medical BUILDING

Lincoln Center Apartments

Princeton, Indiana

Newburgh, Indiana

Executive Plaza

Sycamore Apartments

499 Green River Road

Fishers, Indiana

Real estate redefined

French Lick, Indiana

Charleston Condos Assocation

SVN Office Building 

Nickel Plate Apartments Apartments